Warplane drops debris on parking lot (VIDEO) — RT World News

Warplane drops debris on parking lot (VIDEO) — RT World News

A Turkish F-4 reportedly jettisoned a fuel tank over the Turkish capital, causing damage on the ground

Falling debris from a Turkish warplane damaged several vehicles in a parking lot at the headquarters of oil and gas giant TPOA in Ankara, according to reports by the Defense Ministry and local media on Monday.

The cigar-shaped piece of debris wrecked three vehicles – two cars and a minivan – that were parked outside the building, according to images shared by the press.

The part that fell appears to be a spent drop tank – an expendable external container that a military aircraft can use to extend its range. Witnesses filmed it tumbling in the air as it fell to the ground.

The aircraft in question was a McDonnell Douglas F-4 of the Turkish Air Force, the ministry said. The warplane can carry a pair of smaller 1,400-liter external tanks on wing hardpoints and a larger 2,300-liter tank on the centerline hardpoint.

No fatalities or injuries were reported in the incident. The plane landed safely at Eskisehir Air Base, the military reported.

The base is located some 190km west of the Turkish capital and hosts F-4E 2020 Terminator upgraded fighter-bomber jets.

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